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Post by i got skillz on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:23 am

alright first off i have been playing servers for around 3 years and have been a coder for round 5 months. im great at finding guides on adding stuff to your server and know lots about servers. i have owned my own server serveral of times ex: eatmypkz and fearless-pkz. bounce i like to advertise with pking vids and i can help get ppl to join. i never abuse but i will threaten if its needed for example if someone is swearing at me or another player and doesnt stop i will threaten to mute/jail him. im 15 years old and am in eastern timezone. cheers i make runescape vids (might stop due to retarted update thanks to jagex Twisted Evil ) i am friendly and like to play this server What a Face

my runescape account video 1