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Points for Voting for the Server

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Points for Voting for the Server

Post by An Hero on Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:02 am

Ok, so first off I am enjoying myself a ton on this server, and it amazing. The only thing it is lacking is a large amount of players. So as everyone knows, the way to attract new players is to gain a lot of votes from runelocus. Now, even though the link is readily available on our forms, the majority of people will not take the 10 seconds to vote, even though its for their own good. I think, that we should have a special thread in the forums, where people post proof that they have voted for the server. Now, in order to make people want to do this, you should offer a reward system based on number of votes. You could do a number of things with this reward system, including giving people a small number of donator points per vote. You could also trade in these points for Items in game, or various amounts of Coins. The last server that I played used this method of rewarding people for their votes, and it attracted a large number of players.
Also, I am not sure if this belongs in Server Suggestions or Forum Suggestions, since it utilizes parts of both.
- An Hero

An Hero

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Re: Points for Voting for the Server

Post by Irtrainer on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:02 am

I really believe we cannot do this i think it would be a breach of contract and the T.O.S with runelocus im not 100% sure at the moment but i will look into this thanks for the suggestion thought.

Sincerly Irtrainer

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